Content Creation
Telling your story in crowded space and being heard is the most important thing you can do for your practice online. Again, content is KING. We will create a unique content plan that will continue to build that online presense and show clients that you walk your talk. This gives your clients a chance to interact with you, share your information, and build more trust. Content plans are one of the most important pieces we will discuss with you and will make you seem like the only Law firm or Lawyer in town. Our Legal content will be writen by board certified members and all other blog content will be written by our best SEO trained bloggers, making sure that the important keywords your website needs are present!

Content Creation Plan Benefits 
  • Gives you a presense online at all times of the day.
  • Content is sharable which means more eyes on you and your practice.
  • As Gary Vee says, "Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook". This simply means giving your potential clients great content over and over again, and when its time to ask, we succeed.
Facebook Marketing
There are 1.3 BILLION Active Facebook users per month, and they spend an average of 40 minutes per day on the social media platform. Being able to reach those customers that are looking for your services and being able to promote your service right infront of their faces is the name of the game, though there are right and wrong ways to go about this. We have spent tens of thousands of our own dollars on Facebook Ads since 2014, perfecting our strategy that consistently gives our clients more leads. We are so confident in this process that we litteratly put our money where our mouth is. Thats right, our service comes with a $300 Monthly Facebook Ad Budget that we will continually run for you, that will only get more and more laser-targeted the longer it runs.
Wrong Ways
  • "Boosting" your posts bindly.
  • "Copy and Paste" your TV Commercial as an Ad on Facebook
  • Blasting your services in potential clients' faces and trying to get them to visit your site. 
Right Ways
  • Using our 3 layer Funnel client converter strategy.
  •  Redirecting your Ads to those who have been exposed to your previous funnels.
  •  Using Facebook Ads as a platform to show you can help potential clients with the issue that is currently putting a burden on their life. 
Social Media Branding
Although Facebook Ads are very powerful and can give you results, having an active online presense only benefits you and your practice. Instead of paying thousands on billboards or Ad placements, having an active Social Media presense will be like growing online "realestate" that just continues to promote your message to the masses. This will build trust between you and your active clients, and potential clients. We will create a Facebook and Linkedin page for you, if this is already in place we will review them and make sure they are equiped with all the correct features and information that will allow your clients to able to reach you with no issue.
Your Branding Should
  • Give your clients easy access to interact with you quickly. 
  • Build Trust and grow your show your expertise to your community.
  • Have all important information such as location, time of business, services provided & contact information .
Do You Have Any Questions? We Would Love To Help! 
SEO & Google Analytics 
The bread and butter of online marketing. Search Engine Optimization is how you are FOUND in the online crowd. In a nutshell, SEO is making sure that keywords that your clients may be using to search for your services are on your site. We do this in multiple ways, and this creates a strong organic foundation to your site that will cement you on top of Google within 6 months of our strategy. We tie that in with Google Analytics to allow us to monitor what is working, how to improvise, and improve our processes and make sure that your website is showing before your competitors when a potential client is searching for your services. Our team is Google Analytics Certified and we are equiped with all the right tools to make sure you are showing up in Google Search.
Why You Need Google Analytics with a Strong SEO Strategy
  • Show up on Google Search before your competitors.
  •  Automatic Collection of Data.
  •  Ability to measure internal site search.
  • Understand why visitors are bouncing off your site.
  • Understanding what type of content we should be writing.
Podcast & Blog Posts
If they cant watch you, lets make sure they can read you. If they cant read you, lets make sure they can hear you! Putting you on multiple platforms is the most effective way to go about this. It allows you to do the expand your reach, make our marketing efforts more effective, and its EVER GREEN! Meaning it will never go bad, the more GOOD content we get out there, the better for the brand. 
Benefits of Podcast & Blog Posts
  • Instant Communication
  • Multiple Platforms 
  • Helps search engine results on your website. 
  •  Super Effecient & Cost Effective.
Strategy & Consultation
Our process begins with a complimentary Strategy Session with you and your business. This allows us to see what your current pains are, and how to turns those to areas of profit in your business. We are here to become a business partner, NOT an expense. Our success starts when you begin to succeed, and thats what matters most to us. Our team is brings over 25+ years in web development, over a decade in online digital marketing, and is always scanning the market for any changes to help keep your practice up to date.
 Consultation Strategy 
  •  Strategy Session to learn more about you and your business needs & current challenges, and how we can help to fix them.
  • Custom Digital Marketing plan. No cut and paste, this is a plan that is directed to fix the issues you are having, and put more profits in your business.
  •  Go-To Market. We will spend the first 2 weeks getting everything custom fitted to your practice. We will continue to adjust and improve the process along the way. 

We help Business Professionals and Clients find each other by providing a larger online presence through SEO/SEM Digital Marketing

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