We help Business Professionals and Clients find each other by providing a larger online presence through SEO/SEM Digital Marketing
Are you a Business Professional that is struggling to find clients or want to stop depending only on word of mouth, community, family and friend referrals? 

My name is Lazar Assoofi, my team and I specialize in helping Business Professionals get high-value clients using my predictable clients' system. 

Give me the opportunity to show you what these big time firms are doing online to keep driving business to their firms on a daily basis.

Being noticed on Google and having an online presence on Facebook is VITAL if you want to be found in the crowd. The potential client will either find you or your competition.

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Facebook Advertising

Your Client and future clients are ALL on Facebook. This is where they hangout online and this is why Facebook Ads are VITAL to your success when promoting your practice online. We have spent thousands on FB Ads and know how to make a complete stranger turn into a client. Learn More

Social Media Branding

Building trust online is a very important task. A Facebook business page and Linkedin profile are a MUST. Your potential client is not looking to reach out to a business, they want to speak to an actual person about their problem. Your brand and online presence must be second to none. You will be known as the expert in your field.  Learn More

SEO & Google Analytics

Organic search is a huge part of most business’s website performance, Search Engine Optimization is used to establish a strong foundation for a website. Tied in with Google Analytics, this is no longer a guessing game. Take advantage of our expertise that will allow your practice to become visible to anyone in your area searching for your services Learn More

Live Chat Services

ChatBots have allowed us to communicate with potential clients at all times! When you are working on a case, in court, or meeting with a client, our messenger bots will make sure communication is INSTANT if we get a question or concern. Every minute wasted not replying to a potential client can cost your practice thousands. Learn More

Content Creation

We create and execute a content creation plan that is tied directly to your needs. This includes constant quality content on your business pages, "Evergreen" blogging for advanced SEO purposes and 5 to 10 short video clips on you and your practice. This will anchor SEO deep into Googles' search engine as well as give your business a pulse online.  Learn More

Strategy & Consulting

Research should be the foundation of any business marketing plan. Discover what your clients' NEEDS are and execute accordingly. Whether its Website Creation, Commercial Production, Social Media Advertising, our team has all the expertise and knowledge to help you are your business grow and thrive. Learn More

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