Written by Lazar Assoofi

on Jan. 14th 2019.

As a lawyer, you may ask; “what is the significance of Facebook ads to your profession?” Of what importance is it to your law firm? Well, to get your answer, here are reasons why you as a lawyer should use Facebook ads...

Written by Lazar Assoofi

 on Jan. 10th 2019

Most law firms actively make efforts to get clients to follow their pages with the “Like Us on Facebook” button. Yes, while you may attract likes on your page, Facebook for lawyers should be concerned more with engaging clients. The Facebook profile should be lively and the page should serve a perfect tool for effective marketing.
Here are a few tips to help any law firm attract and engage more clients on their Facebook business page...

Written by Lazar Assoofi 

on Jan. 7th 2019

SEO offers numerous benefits to your firm which traditional advertising platforms lack. The following are some of the reason why you should employ SEO as a strategy to expand your business in the legal sector.
Our 5 Reasons and Tips on why you should use SEO can help you today! Read on to learn more...

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