5 Reasons Why SEO is Important For Your Practice 

Written by Lazar Assoofi on Jan. 7th 2019
As an attorney, you need to utilize platforms that will boost your business. 

The advent of online marketing strategies has created fierce competition among firms in the legal sector. Thus, there is a need to strategize as a lawyer in order to be ahead of your competition. 

Search engine optimization (SEO for short) is a process of affecting the result of a web search. It is also a process of getting traffic from the free organic search results on search engines. This tool is extensively used by firms all over the world. It is imperative for you as a lawyer to make the most use of this strategy to promote your firm.

                        Importance of Search Engine Optimization to Your Law Firm

SEO offers numerous benefits to your firm which traditional advertising platforms lack. The following are some of the reason why you should employ SEO as a strategy to expand your business in the legal sector.

1. It gives you an established market position.
SEO gives you the opportunity to establish and defend your brand outrightly. Relying on third-party online ads to market your legal firm can be detrimental. This is because third-party ads like pay per click, online directories etc. are not just advertising for your firm but a lot of other legal firms. Thus, making it difficult to capture the attention of potential clients who are in dire need of legal services. 
For instance, using online directories as a means of marketing may cause you to lose a lot of potential clients. The reason is that on these platforms, it is not only your profile that is on display. Chances that prospective clients may access the profile of your competitor is high. The pay per click platform is based on a bidding system where the highest bidder is ranked top. Why this may work for a while, you can lose your position at any point in time once a better bidder surfaces. 
But with SEO, the clients get access to your firm's website where they will get all the information they need to hire you for legal service. Hence, it can be said that SEO helps to exclude competition.
In addition, the rank of your firm in search engines determines the influx of potential clients to your firm. This is because most people take firm’s that ranks high in online search as being established and trustworthy. 

2. It is more mobile friendly
With the advancement of technology in the 21st century, a lot of searches online are done using smartphones. Most of these searchers may be looking for the services of a lawyer. Thus, your firm’s website should be easy to access through local search. Studies have revealed that most searches online done using notable search engines like google and yahoo are through mobile phones. Hence, there is a need to leverage your local SEO in order to attract more prospective clients to your firm’s website.

3. It gives greater returns
Investing in SEO gives you the advantage of getting ahead of your competitors. This allows you to market your firm without having to spend a dime. SEO gives higher returns on your investment than other digital marketing strategies like pay per click, social media marketing, email marketing, and blogging.

4. More prospective clients
Having an established organic search will attract lucrative businesses to your firm. Having the right keywords will rank your firm's website higher in online searches. Ranking high in searches online means more prospective clients and no competition. Once you have the right organic seat you are bound to continually get quality business without sweating. Concurrently, the chances that any potential client that contacts your firm through SEO will employ your legal service is high. This means more returns. Thus SEO guarantees higher returns than any other advertising platform.

5. Target traffic
The keywords you use determines how often your firm will pop up in online searches. Most people that intend to use search engines to source for information online are often clear on what they are looking for. Picking the right keywords will make your firm website readily available for this type of targeted traffic.
System engine optimization offers a healthy advantage to its users in the competitive market. 

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Lazar Assoofi 

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