4 Facebook Business Page Tips For Lawyers & Law Firms
Written by Lazar Assoofi on Jan. 10th 2019
Why would people hire any lawyer? Certainly, they believe the attorney or law firm has the expertise to help them win their case. This is about trust! 

Though lots of law firms have set up a Facebook business page to convey a sense of trust and authority, most of them have failed to make the most out of it. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t good with their job anymore or they’ve lost their skills. They lack some vital tips. You’d understand better as you read on.

Most law firms actively make efforts to get clients to follow their pages with the “Like Us on Facebook” button. Yes, while you may attract likes on your page, Facebook for lawyers should be concerned more with engaging clients. The Facebook profile should be lively and the page should serve a perfect tool for effective marketing.

Here are a few tips to help any law firm attract and engage more clients on their Facebook business page.

1. Stay in your area of expertise
Avoid posting content that does not cover your business. Stay as far as possible in your legal field without departing from the subject. Your page is primarily professional, the latter aims to enhance your business and your skills. Posting the trailer for the next season of the TV series you love is likely to hurt your reputation. Even if you think you're not alone, keep your guideline. In addition, nothing prevents you from creating another account dedicated to the side of your activity!
Again, avoid posting anything to make the buzz. Keep in mind that buzz is usually sponsored by major brands or TV channels and is dominated by great communication bridges. These community managers master these practices to perfection. So do not venture into this kind of practice, the buzz is usually extremely harmful to a long-term brand image. So, you do not need to film yourself dancing frantically on your desk at the risk of running away from your clientele.

2. Post often
One thing about social networks just like Facebook is that a temporary disappearance could mean a lot to your subscribers and may leave a negative effect on your business page. You should try, as much as possible, to always discuss the news of your firm, important points of law in your area of expertise, an article that you liked in a specialized journal and more. You should always show an online presence
Again, be thoughtful before putting up any post. Though what you share on your Facebook page does take place online, it is still subject to the same rules and standards your jurisdiction has in place on advertising. Avoid making a joke about lawyers or judges who might get your colleagues upset.
In addition to the profile photo, Facebook for lawyers should include direct contact, and evidence of personality. Post content that matters to your subscribers. You don’t have to post content about arcane changes to the law if you are an employment lawyer. But you can be the first to post news about a local winning a judgment against his employer. That is in line with your area of specialty and that’s what your subscribers would expect to read on your Facebook business page.

3. Post original content
No need to share the content of a third party, to avoid being tagged as lacking originality or at worse, plagiarized content. If you are pleased with any content and wish to share on your Facebook business page, then you should play fair by specifying its source. You can also contact its author for a possible collaboration. After all, that’s what social network is all about. So Facebook for lawyers should be any different.

4. Use more images
It is quite obvious that most lawyers are not always visual people. However, images are very important and should be used to illustrate upcoming posts. In most cases, it makes your page livelier than texts. People don’t get to read detailed posts without an image. So, images have a way of drawing them in. You can find out who in the firm is good with pictures. Ensure that the person helps you illustrate upcoming posts.

No doubt, there are billions of people offering same services on Facebook. But you can choose to stand out if only you can stick to these tips. Again, you can also make use of as many useful online guides as possible. Sure! Facebook for lawyers should convey a sense of trust and authority, you should always remember that.

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Lazar Assoofi

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