4 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Need To Be Used for Lawyers & Law Firms.
Written by Lazar Assoofi on Jan. 14th 2019.
It is no longer news that one of the most efficient and effective means of marketing is through the use of social media platforms. Digital marketing strategies have become the order of the day. Many brands have taken to different social media channels to advertise their products and services. 

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in wide use all over the world. It boasts of over 2.19 billion users as of 2018. Such a large social media platform provides an ideal advertising channel for you as a lawyer to advertise your law firm. As a lawyer, you may ask; “what is the significance of Facebook ads to your profession?” Of what importance is it to your law firm? 

Well, to get your answer, here are reasons why you as a lawyer should use Facebook ads.

#1 You can advertise to your target clients. 
Having the data of its over 2 billion users in their custody, Facebook presents a powerful resource for advertisers who want to reach out to clients. It gives you the opportunity to select the desired basic demographic, location, education, interest and behaviors of your prospect clients. Based on your specification, Facebook grants you access to the data of the sect of people that meet your criteria. Thus, it is only this sect of people that view the advert of your law firm on their news feed. This feature gives Facebook an edge over other digital marketing platforms.

#2 Easy means of getting the data of your prospects.
Advertising with Facebook saves your firm the cost of designing quality landing pages for their ad campaigns by offering you an alternative in the form of Facebook Lead Ads. Facebook Lead Ads gives you room to generate a form with the ad for your leads to fill. By default, the form is designed to have a slot for your lead's name and email address. 
However, you can choose to customize it to include information that will qualify your new lead. One good thing about Facebook Lead Ads form is that the form will already be filled with the lead’s Facebook data. It will take just seconds for the lead to fill the blank slots. With this, you can get the data of the lead once the form is filled. There is no need for the lead to visit your website.

#3 It gives room for remarketing "Re-targeting".
With Facebook, you have access to a package that will enable you to track and retarget your visitors within a given timeframe. An example of such package is a proprietary pixel. This package allows you to display your advert as a reminder to your prospects and why they should hire the services of your law firm.
The integration of Facebook with other sister social media platforms like Instagram, you stand the chance of meeting with your prospects outside Facebook. These sister social media platforms all make up the Facebook audience.

#4 It is cost-effective
Facebook has an interesting new feature which allows advertising on the basis of pay per click. This advertising option operates by demographic search rather than keyword search. The latter displays advert to an individual based on the keywords they have used while surfing the internet. This disadvantage of this method is that the individual that sees the advert is most time, not the target prospects. This implies more cost in advertising. However, with Facebook ads pay to click, only the target demographic is reached. Also, the cost of each click is relatively cheap making it ideal for lawyers who want to advertise their services.

The cost of creating an advert on your business page using Facebook handle is relatively cheap compared to what is obtainable in other digital marketing channels.

The wide use of Facebook coupled with the possession of the data of its users makes it a powerful advertising channel especially for the law profession that always targets a given set of people. As a lawyer, Facebook Ads is there to help you market your brand and attract clients. We live in a world where social media have made the world seem like a small place. You need to get in there and reach out to a great number of prospective clients through Facebook ads.

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Lazar Assoofi

Lazar Assoofi helps Lawyers start and grow their presence online through Digital Marketing & SEO / SEM and FB Campaigns. Using our strategies helps our clients gain more online leads and help them in the search rankings on Google. TWO very important tools that can help drive more business to your practice! Contact us today for a Free Consultation. 
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